55 Star Energy Leaders Complete the INSEAD Training

About 55 Star Energy Geothermal leaders have successfully graduated from the INSEAD acceleration-learning program on 10-11 October. The closing ceremony of the INSEAD Established Leaders Capstone marks the end of a two-year educational program consisting of six modules and three capstone.

At the INSEAD capstone activity, 32 leaders from the Salak and Darajat operations, and 23 leaders from the Wayang Windu operation, presented their final task from the previous training module. The participants were divided into 8 cross-functional entity groups assigned with business case, which they need to solve and made presentation. Group Chief Executive Officer, Hendra Soetjipto Tan promptly made his input on the group presentations.

“Their presentation was quite good, but there was still room for improvement,” said Mr. Hendra commenting on one of the groups of participants after delivering their presentation at the Seminar Room, M Floor, Wisma Barito.

Capstone aims to apply knowledge learned from INSEAD course into projects through cross-functional teams. This leadership training program is intended for improving leadership, business and management skills of the established and emerging leaders at Star Energy. “These three things are extremely important to make our mission of becoming the 1,200 MW geothermal operator by 2028 a reality,” said Mr. Hendra.

Philipp Meyer-Doyle, INSEAD Assistant Professor of Strategy when closing the training presented the results of the survey to the participants on the benefits of this education for their work. “There are more than 250 examples of applications provided by participants of how the overall program has positively impacted on their ability to perform work at Star Energy,” he explained.

Key areas according to the survey results that have increased, including their communication and presentation skills, strategic mindset and structural approaches to problem solving, and financial acumen. “One of the survey results shows that the negotiating skills of participants have improved, especially in negotiating with vendors during the procurement process. Participants can also analyze the financial impact prior making business decisions, “Professor Philipp said.

INSEAD is a graduate business school with campuses in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. INSEAD is the best business school in the world based on the Financial Times rank. The established leaders’ acceleration program is a two-year business management and leadership program.