Why Work at Star Energy Geothermal?

Star Energy Geothermal is committed to recruiting world class talents and developing them to be effective leaders. We understand that our vision to be the world’s largest and leading geothermal energy company can only be realized if our people unleash their full potentials.

A combination of strong leaders and driven professionals is essential to a successful and thriving business. Our team consists of goal-oriented individuals who are self-motivated, committed, and whose primary focus is on execution excellence. It is our belief that an organization’s capability will grow if employees are placed in the right roles, have the necessary competencies, and are given leadership that will challenge them to excel in their performance and achieve their career goals.

Being a leader in geothermal means we have the scale and capability to develop geothermal professionals via in-house programs. Through structured training program (StarLEAD), all of Star Energy Geothermal’s Leaders, from Team Leaders to C-Level position, shares what they know with their subordinates as well as their colleagues, to coach and develop the next generation geothermal professionals.

As the business is growing, we place great emphasis on sharpening the leadership and management skills of our leaders. We are collaborating with internationally renowned institution such as the INSEAD Business School, IMD Business School, Cornell University and other world class institutions to execute our Management and Leadership development program and women’s leadership program. Through these initiatives, we prepare and create equal opportunities for our high potential employees to become effective and skillful leaders in Star Energy Geothermal. We believe that Star Energy Geothermal is a place where everyone can learn, grow, and contribute to Make Tomorrow Brighter.