Community Development

At Star Energy Geothermal, we see community development as not just a duty, but an opportunity to create inspiring positive impact.

This perspective leads to a deep focus on sustainable value creation in the communities we serve, and is aligned with our commitment to creating a brighter future for Indonesia.

Our core 3E of Environment, Economy and Education pillars approach ensures a holistic, 360-degree approach in creating meaningful positive impact.

Environmental stewardship

Inspired by our commitment to clean energy and in support of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, we at Star Energy Geothermal are constantly seeking ways to safeguard our environment and create a more sustainable future for generations to come. We firmly believe that geothermal and the natural world can not only co-exist but can encourage healthy, sustainable environmental practices.

From forest conservation and restoration, to collaborating with local community for freshwater access, we are proud of our ongoing efforts to develop thriving and resilient communities, in harmony with our natural world.

Economic empowerment

From broad-based support for local farmers to focused capacity-building programs, Star Energy Geothermal plays a proactive role in growing lives and livelihoods and advancing economic equity and social inclusion.

Star Energy Geothermal’s economic empowerment pillar sharpens our focus on advancing socio-economic equity, including the creation of a sustainable food security program.

We work with local partners and independently to improve local and personal economies, supporting micro-enterprises, creating work opportunities, and financing local infrastructure. All to create and sustain lives and livelihoods in the communities we serve in our operational areas.

Educational Upliftment

At Star Energy Geothermal, we aim to educate rural youth and foster an educational ecosystem. It stems from our belief in education as the primary tool for social mobility, especially for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

To date, we have provided over 1,600 scholarships to local students, including at the tertiary (university and vocational) level. To further our positive impact, we contribute to the building of schools and sporting facilities, and regularly distribute books, computers and stationery to communities at our operational locations. Our support for local teachers has seen over 200 teachers in Bogor and 100 in Garut benefit from upskilling and increased capacity building.