Star Energy Geothermal Salak, Ltd. operates 381 MW of steam and electricity capacity.

Star Energy Geothermal Salak, Ltd has exclusive right until 2040 to develop contract area under Joint Operation Contract with PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE) and sale of geothermal energy and electricity up to 495 MW under Energy Sales Contract with PGE & PLN.

SEGS is located around 70 km from Jakarta, and supplies geothermal steam to generate electricity from a 180 MW power plant operated by PLN. SEGS also supplies geothermal steam and operates 201 MW power plants that generates electricity for the Java-Madura-Bali grid. An initial supply of steam produced in 1994 commenced SEGS’s commercial production, with 110 MW delivered to PLN. In 2021, SEGS achieved a generating capacity of 381 MW, marking it as one of the largest geothermal operations in the world.