Paving the way to preserve the environment

Rega Kusmana (48) is widely known to people in Pangalengan sub-district as an avid environmentalist.

Through his organization, Pecinta Alam Penelusur Belantara (PAPB) Tapak Tiara, Rega and his friends are actively addressing environmental issues, particularly in the Pangelengan region. In addition to raising the concerns of its organization, Rega is also actively launching a number of other programs aimed at protecting the environment. Star Energy Geothermal (Wayang Windu) Limited (SEGWWL), which operates within the Pangalegan sub-district, also shares the same vision as Rega. SEGWWL is of the opinion that there are some environmental issues that need attention, such as access to clean water during the drought season, potential forest fires and landslides in steep mountain slopes above 35 degrees.

The shared interests and vision of both organizations led to a strategic partnership between SEGWWL and PAPB Tapak Tiara 2017 and launched an environmental program called Cinta Bakti Lestari. SEGWWL acknowledges and completely supports this partnership and has highly inspired Rega and her friends to better implement environmental initiatives by positively socializing the value of environmental protection to different communities.

Rega and members of PAPB Tapak Tiara encountered several challenges in this process. Rejection by some communities only encouraged them to try harder. "I am very fortunate that the members of Tapak Tiara come from a variety of skills and professional backgrounds. Whenever we are challenged, we know that we can always try alternate approaches, "he said. Armed with perseverance and experience as an environmentalist, Rega has made a variety of creative approaches to society, from intensive discussions with the community to educating high school students via nature conservation programs. Essentially, Rega and his team are determined to always raise awareness of the importance of environmental conservation for the community’s future.

The community and members of PAPB Tapak Tiara are starting to see the benefits of their hard work. Although the path to completing the program still seems a long way to go, some groups within certain communities are now beginning to demonstrate behavioral change in the way they give priority to environmental conservation in what they do, and that is something to be proud of. This is evident from the numerous visits and the full support for this program from the Environmental Agency of Bandung Regency to Leuweung Citere. This program also brings SEGWWL to receive the prestigious PROPER Gold Award in 2018, given by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. May the awareness and commitment to the conservation of the environment be contagious to a wider range of communities in the future.