PT Johnson & Johnson Indonesia collaborates with Star Energy Geothermal in achieving 100% electricity from renewable sources

Jakarta, 6 October 2021 – PT Johnson & Johnson Indonesia has officially received a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) issued by Star Energy Geothermal today in Jakarta. The issuance event was carried out by the Group Chief Strategy and Planning Officer of Star Energy Geothermal, Mr. Agus Sandy Widyanto to the Director of Supply Chain Management PT Johnson & Johnson Indonesia, Mr. Adi Prabowo. Also attending the event virtually were the Group Chief Executive Officer of Star Energy Geothermal, Mr. Hendra Soetjipto Tan and President Director of PT Johnson & Johnson Indonesia, Mr. Sawan Malik. The issuance of this Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) marked the commitment of both parties to the initiative in addressing climate change through using electricity from renewable sources.

The Renewable Energy Certificate issued to PT Johnson & Johnson Indonesia comes from PLTP Salak operated by Star Energy Geothermal. “We at Star Energy Geothermal are truly excited and hope that our partnership with PT Johnson & Johnson Indonesia can be a showcase on how companies from different sectors may collaborate to address climate change. We look forward to have further collaboration with other companies who are committed to use electricity from renewable sources,” said Agus Sandy Widyanto – Group Chief Strategy Officer at Star Energy Geothermal.

At the same time, PT Johnson & Johnson Indonesia’s Director of Supply Chain Management explained that a global initiative has brought together the world’s most influential businesses to make a full transition to using energy and electricity from renewable sources. “After optimizing electricity consumption at our warehouse facilities, we purchased renewable energy certificates (REC) to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support companies that produce green electricity from Indonesian soil such as Star Energy Geothermal. This collaboration is the beginning of the journey towards realizing Johnson & Johnson’s commitment to establish a green supply chain in Indonesia,” explained Adi Prabowo.

Johnson & Johnson has a longstanding commitment to climate action, which includes two decades of setting and achieving public environmental performance and carbon reduction goals. The Company’s current climate goals will accelerate its transition to 100% renewable electricity and carbon neutrality for global operations, while also partnering with suppliers to reduce upstream carbon emissions.

Currently, Star Energy Geothermal is a leading geothermal operator in Indonesia that manages a total installed electricity capacity of 875 MW in three geothermal power plants in West Java. The three plants are PLTP Wayang Windu in Bandung Regency with an installed electricity capacity of 227 MW, PLTP Darajat in Garut Regency with an installed electricity capacity of 271 MW, and PLTP Salak in Sukabumi Regency with a total installed electricity capacity of 377 MW.

Star Energy Geothermal’s commitment to developing new and renewable energy is manifested in the Company’s mission to generate 1200 MW of electricity by 2028 from clean and environmentally friendly energy sources. With unparalleled geothermal expertise and deep stakeholder partnerships, Star Energy Geothermal is committed to advancing Indonesia and the world towards a more responsible form of energy to make tomorrow brighter.

A REC is an Energy Attribute Certificate (EAC). Through the use of EACs, end-users around the world can make reliable claims about their energy usage such as: “my factory runs on 100% renewable energy”, “our products are made with 100% wind energy” and “our global electricity usage causes zero end-of-pipe emissions”. It is an accounting instrument that certifies the production of an MWh of electricity along with factual characteristics of how, where, and when the electricity was produced.